Courtroom5 in the News

YES! Magazine – Seeking Just Trials

Trials are far from impartial if the defendant is poor or reliant on public defenders. These people are working to re-balance the scales of justice.

Startup Savant Profiles Courtroom5

Courtroom5 is a legal tech startup that provides online services and resources for anyone wishing to represent themselves in complex civil litigation.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Issue

To honor Dr. MLK’s legacy, we feature two Black-founded & led start-ups bringing forth justice and equity to areas where racial injustice has plagued society.

Courtroom5 Named A 2021 SheEO U.S. Venture

Each year, five businesses led by women and non-binary entrepreneurs are chosen by the global community SheEO to receive funding, resources, coaching, and more. This group of “radically generous women” selected Courtroom5 as one of its 2021 SheEO U.S. Ventures. Courtroom5 will become part of the SheEO network and will have the opportunity to utilize a zero percent interest loan.