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Get automated guidance on your next step, video training, monthly workshops, and simple filings like notices and proposed orders.

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Use our dedicated network of lawyers, paralegals, and experts for coaching, document reviews, and other services at affordable rates.

Member services include (additional fees apply):

  • Coaching sessions (with paralegal)
  • Lawyer consultations (legal advice or document review)
  • Oral argument practice
  • Organize your discovery
ABA Legal Rebels Award

Take Charge with Courtroom5

Boost your odds in complex cases like foreclosure, medical debt, personal injury, and federal claims.

Gain clarity on what to do and how to plead your case
Dodge the pitfalls of hidden rules and court procedures
Avoid being intimidated and settling for an unfair amount

U.S. Civil Cases Only
Pro Se Means ‘For Oneself’ in Latin

But it doesn’t mean you’re all alone. Arm yourself with the right tools and step into court confident and prepared.

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No lawyer? No problem, with Courtroom5 by your side. Assert your rights in court with the most powerful tool for pro se litigants. Put your case on the path to success today.

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