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⛔ Stop guessing at what to do or how to plead your case. ⛔
⛔ Don’t get tripped up by some rule or court procedure you didn’t know existed. ⛔
⛔ No more feeling defeated, or intimidated into quitting, or settling for an unfair amount. ⛔

Own your case at Courtroom5.

Represent Yourself With Confidence

Courtroom5 makes litigation easy. We improve the odds for people in court without a lawyer handling tough claims like home foreclosure, medical debt, and personal injury. No one should go to court without Courtroom5.

Litigation 101

Get automated guidance on your next step, training on complex litigation, a live Q&A workshop, and simple filings like notices and proposed orders.

Legal Experts
Competitive Rates

Use our dedicated network of lawyers, paralegals, and court reporters for coaching, document reviews, and transcriptions of hearings and depositions.

Member services include (additional fees apply):

  • Coaching sessions (with paralegal)
  • Lawyer consultations (legal advice or document review)
  • Oral argument practice
  • Secure a court reporter
  • Secure a process server
  • Organize your discovery

Pro se means “for oneself” in Latin, but it doesn’t mean you’re all alone. Get the help you need and go to court ready for battle, every time.

Hear from our members

I was caught ‘flat-footed’ when a lawyer who runs a ‘lawsuit machine’ sued me. Now I am forced to play defense. I spoke to four lawyers who all conveyed confidence that they could win my case – but, they all wanted a minimum of $5,000 to represent me. Now that I have discovered COURTROOM5 I feel that I have the tools and information to navigate the complex legal process. COURTROOM5 offers a vitally important resource for PRO SE litigants to pursue or defend their cases.

Courtroom5 member Brock
Sample 5-star reviews from Courtroom5 members

I signed up yesterday, and already got answers and insight that I seriously needed NOW. I would have happily paid someone 10 times what Courtroom5 is per month for the answers to the topic I posted. I couldn’t recommend Courtroom5 more highly.

Courtroom5 member Steven

I became a Pro Se litigant after dealing with an attorney who charged me over $25k for a case involving a house. Unfortunately, I got virtually nowhere with the case, and ultimately had to file bankruptcy. I am so glad I became a member…it’s been extremely helpful. I would have been lost without the information and knowledge I’ve gained here. I am grateful!!!

Courtroom5 member Sherlene

After receiving my motion for summary judgment of which I received zero assistance from an attorney but helpful guidance from this site,  defense has accused me of receiving counsel’s assistance and pleads in their answer that I should not get any pro se leniency.  That is the power of Courtroom5.

Courtroom5 member James

WOW , I Wish I signed up for CTRM5 earlier in my case, but I signed up just in time for the discovery process, which to me and all my legal troubles is a huge relief.

Courtroom5 member Karen

Be a PRO at being pro se

The Pro Se Litigator Plan is a powerful platform for managing your case like a pro. It includes:

Members may purchase more complex guided documents as needed. (See FAQs below for a listing of complex document options.) Hire legal professionals from our network for small tasks, from a consultation with a lawyer to a hearing transcribed by a court reporter.

Cancel your monthly subscription to the Pro Se Litigator Plan at any time.

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Are We A Good Fit? — Read the FAQs

Does this work for my type of case? +

If your opponent has an attorney and you don’t, you’re outmatched. The lawyer representing your opponent has a graduate education in the law, years of practice on the types of claims in your case, and relationships with judges and court personnel. Courtroom5 is designed to help people without lawyers overcome these advantages so you can get a fair hearing in court.

Courtroom5 has helped people handle foreclosures, debt collection, high-conflict divorce, child custody, probate, and other matters that rely on the rules of civil procedure. Criminal cases, traffic tickets, small claims, and evictions are not well suited to Courtroom5.

What premium filing options are available? +

Premium filing options include (prices range from $30-$75 each):

Is there someone to help with my case? +

Courtroom5 is a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ platform, but you’re not alone. There are a wide variety of member services available when you need them — a lawyer for a brief consultation or document review, a court reporter or process server, practice for your oral argument, or coaching from a paralegal — all at reasonable flat fees.

Are there any additional fees or long-term commitments? +

Your subscription includes AI-powered guidance on next steps in your case, a library of litigation training, a live monthly workshop on pro se litigation, and several simple filing workflows. Workflows for complex filings are purchased separately for a one-time fee. Legal and other professional services may also be available to purchase as needed.

There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges, and you may cancel your subscription from within your account at any time.

Your subscription covers only one case. You may handle multiple cases on your account, but a separate subscription is required for each one.

What types of payment do you accept? +

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Membership payments are processed through our billing partner, Stripe. Your subscription is renewed automatically each month until you cancel from within your account. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

What is your refund policy? +

We honor refund requests for membership payments within three (3) days of an initial or renewal payment. No refunds are available for premium document templates. Refunds are available for member services under limited circumstances, such as a coaching appointment we miss or other failure to deliver professional services. For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

Is my personal information secure? +

Yes. Court records, while publicly available, are nonetheless sensitive. And your case preparation and evidence are private unless and until you release them in court. For this reason, your privacy is our highest priority.

Courtroom5 is built on an enterprise-grade security platform that is certified with SOC 2 (Type II), ISO 27001, and more. We maintain the security of all accounts under 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, with account credentials selected and maintained by you. All files are stored securely behind an industry-leading firewall, protected from malware intrusion, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and unauthorized transmission.

What happens to my data when I cancel? +

When your subscription ends, we safely and securely remove your files and other data from our servers to ensure your privacy.