At Courtroom5, we operate on a simple creed
The courts belong to the people — in particular, to the people who use them — and we the people are coming to claim our courts.
Meet Our Founders

Sonja Ebron is a PhD electrical engineer and entrepreneur with a background in utilities and artificial intelligence. Debra Slone is a PhD librarian and former library school professor. She’s an expert in qualitative data analysis.

We care because
we’ve been there

We’re not lawyers but we’ve done litigation.

We have represented ourselves in numerous civil cases, and we know the lay of the land for pro se litigants. Why are we always in court? Easy — because neither of us will back down from a fight, and there are constant opportunities for fighting in day-to-day living.

Through dozens of cases, we learned that while representing our own interests, we could focus exclusively on winning our cases, without worrying about a reputation or a law license. Rather,  we discovered that with a little training and the right tools, we could effectively represent ourselves.

What You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


The prospect of losing the case is bad enough, but the lack of confidence is crippling. It feels terrible not knowing what to do or say in court, especially when the other side has a lawyer playing mind games and trying to intimidate you.

We’ve felt the worst of these emotions and know they can keep you from fighting back. We build your confidence.


Our legal system was designed by lawyers for lawyers. They’ve made it so difficult that regular people have no way to defend themselves or press their claims without a lawyer. Yet most people in court are there without a lawyer.

But our simple process cuts through the noise. You CAN be heard in court when you follow our path.

A Fighting Chance

Some lawyers promise to handle your case piecemeal, and charge by the piece. But how can you tell whether their choices make sense?

Our process gives you the option to do it all yourself, so you’re better prepared to specify each task whenever you choose to work with a lawyer, all while staying in control of your case.

Sonja’s court story

Sonja tied the company suing her in such knots that they went through three law firms in three years just to get an answer to their complaint. They ultimately met Sonja’s settlement demands and dismissed the case.

Debra’s court story

In Debra’s last case, her judge granted summary judgment to the company suing her. The reversal on appeal was so swift and brutal that the judge recused himself and transferred the case to another judge.

You don’t have to do it alone!

We can support your litigation from start to finish, as long as your case is in court. Whether you are suing or being sued, let Courtroom5 clear your path to legal victory.