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The onboarding process is simple. Once your profile is setup, you’re ready to serve your clients.

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Create a profile to highlight your background, education, and rate sheet.

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Create a client engagement letter customized to the needs of your jurisdiction and practice.

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Receive payment for services upfront, with client acceptance of the engagement letter terms.

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Share a discount coupon with potential clients unable to retain you for full representation.

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A Lawyer’s Toolbox for Unbundled Services

Why choose us?

You want your firm to stand out as the virtual, tech-savvy, client-friendly operation it was meant to be. But let’s face it – you got a JD, not an MBA. They didn’t teach you how to run a business in law school. Courtroom5 offers you a no-cost way to monetize potential clients who are unable to retain your services while giving them access to the legal help they need in a limited-scope engagement. This is the future of law, and you now have that future in sight. Join us!

Who we are

Courtroom5 assists pro se civil litigants who can’t afford full representation from a lawyer. They receive stage-appropriate litigation training and tools for claims analysis, legal research, and document assembly. But they often need legal services at different points in the case. We invite you to join our engagement program, a platform that enables lawyers to seamlessly offer unbundled services to these litigants.

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