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Joshua Schwadron, Mighty.com - Who Wrote That Up For You? Feb 17, 2023

Joshua Schwadron, Mighty.com

Joshua Schwadron, founder and CEO at Mighty.com, discussed his company’s innovative model for helping injured people pursue personal injury claims through an affiliated law firm, Mighty Law.

Kristin Henning, Georgetown Law

Kristin Henning, Georgetown Law

Kristin Henning at Georgetown Law is the author of “Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth” and director of the Georgetown Juvenile Justice Clinic & Initiative.

Dave Maxfield, Consumer Law SC

Dave Maxfield, Consumer Law SC

Dave Maxfield is a consumer protection lawyer in Columbia, SC and co-author of the first graphic novel ever published by the ABA.

Natalie Knowlton, A2J Ventures

Natalie Knowlton is the founder of A2J Ventures, a consulting agency for startup ventures and established businesses working to increase access to justice and the courts.

Tahmina Watson, Watson Immigration Law

Tahmina Watson of Watson Immigration Law is an immigration lawyer serving international startup founders and tech employees working and doing business in the United States.

Diego Acosta, Court Interpreter

Diego Acosta is a licensed court interpreter in the Houston, TX metro area. He discussed the role of interpreters in ensuring fair court proceedings.

Scott Dodson, UC Law San Francisco

Scott Dodson is a distinguished professor of law at UC Law SF, an expert in civil procedure and director of the Center for Litigation and the Courts.

Frank Patka IV, Changing Patterns

Frank Patka IV is a founder of Changing Patterns, providing education, mentoring, and resources for citizens returning from incarceration.

Eric Peterson, Peterson Investigations

Former LAPD detective Eric Peterson is a private investigator in Southern California, collecting evidence for a wide variety of civil and criminal cases.

Samuel Tate, Tango Technology

Samuel Tate is a co-founder of Tango Legal, an app developer that helps courts and law firms serve their constituents and clients using conversational AI.

Delaney Edge, Aspiring Lawyer

Delaney Edge has wanted to be a lawyer for many years. She’s now taking the LSAT and preparing applications for law school.

Mike Whelan, Jr. at Lawyer Forward

Mike Whelan, Jr. is the author of “Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law,” a guide for solo law firms struggling to build practices.

Jim Gibbs, CEO at Meter Feeder

Jim Gibbs is the co-founder and CEO of Meter Feeder, a mobile app that automatically pays for parking when you park your car.

Mark M. Bello, Author and Lawyer

Mark M. Bello is the author of several works of fiction based on the legal profession and politics, as well as children’s books on bullying.

Nick Rishwain, Experts.com

Nick Rishwain at Experts.com shared the process of sourcing, hiring and using an expert witness, and why so few will work with self-represented litigants.

Erin Levine, Hello Divorce

Erin Levine shared the painful experiences that led her to develop the innovative DIY divorce solution that lowers the cost of dissolving a marriage.

Tom Gordon, Responsive Law

Tom Gordon, executive director at Responsive Law, discussed the regulatory barriers that keep people from getting affordable legal solutions.

Kristen Sonday, Paladin

Kristen Sonday, CEO of Paladin, discussed the role of pro bono legal services in closing the justice gap.

Randolph Frails, Esq., Frails & Wilson

Randolph Frails, senior partner at Frails & Wilson Attorneys at Law in Augusta, Georgia, discussed the wide variety of practice areas handled by the firm.

Stacey Lake, Law Wurk

Stacey Lake of Law Wurk shared the challenges and opportunities of hiring non-lawyers for certain legal tasks in family law and eviction proceedings.

Ed Walters, Fastcase

Ed Walters is co-founder and CEO at Fastcase, a provider of software, data, and analytics that allow legal practitioners to work more efficiently.

Mike Zouhri, PainWorth

Mike Zouhri learned to settle an accident claim and turned those lessons into PainWorth, a tool to help others settle their own personal injury claims.