Sonja Ebron: Gratitude, mindset, and what I’m celebrating this year

Excerpt from WRAL TechWire:

Editor’s Note: Sonja Ebron is the founder and CEO of Courtroom5. This post is one portion of a WRAL TechWire series on gratitude, published in November 2021.

Sonja Ebron: I try to stay in a place of gratitude. It’s just easier to make progress that way, because mindset is everything. Positive mindset makes purposeful progress.

I’m grateful for the work I’m privileged to do every day, building software to help people represent themselves in court when they aren’t able to hire a lawyer. I celebrate the good hardworking people with whom I work, all passionately committed to our justice mission.

I celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit here in North Carolina and in the U.S. more broadly. My work is made possible by our nation’s commitment to fostering innovation in all areas of life.

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