13 North Carolina startups to participate in Venture Atlanta next month

Excerpt from WRAL TechWire:

RALEIGH – Thirteen North Carolina companies will participate in next month’s Venture Atlanta 2021 event.

In what the organization said was the most competitive selection process in its history, North Carolina companies comprise 30% of the firms participating, said Allyson Eman, CEO of Venture Atlanta in an interview with WRAL TechWire.

“It’s an incredible honor to be chosen for Venture Atlanta, a conference that has a proven track record of finding and supporting the best in tech,” said Sonja Ebron, co-founder of Courtroom5, a Durham-based startup company that will showcase at the event. “We’re proud of what we’ve created at Courtroom5 and the number of people we’ve been able to assist in what can often be a very confusing and expensive civil court process.”

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