Black owners of Durham startup Courtroom5 work to ‘democratize’ the courts

Excerpt from WRAL TechWire:

DURHAM – As global protests over racism and police brutality in the United States continue, a black-owned Durham startup is stepping up to help people find justice in the courts.

Enter CourtRoom5, founded by former professors Sonja Ebron and Debra Slone. Launched in 2017 as an educational site, it has grown into a full-fledged case management platform.

Created for people without lawyers, the site offers a step-by-step “legal toolbox” for handling your own civil case.

“We want to help our customers make their best case in court,” Ebron said. “Most people who represent themselves are opposed by a lawyer, and it’s not a fair fight. We’ve both been really beaten up by lawyers in court, often assisted by the lawyer judging the case. It makes you feel worthless, like the system thinks nothing of those who can’t afford a lawyer.”

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a just outcome when one side has a lawyer and the other doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

— Chantal Allam for WRAL TechWire

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