Google is providing cash awards to 76 startups through a racial equity initiative announced in June

Excerpt from TechCrunch:

Amid months of protest this summer, as more of the world began to awaken to the many ways that people of color are systemically discriminated against, a wide number of companies announced initiatives aimed at improving the representation of underrepresented groups within their own ranks and as recipients of their investment dollars.

Unsurprisingly, Alphabet, among the world’s biggest and most profitable companies, was among them. Specifically, as part of Alphabet’s commitment, Jewel Burks Solomon — who is the head of the company’s nine-year-old program Google for Startups — agreed to help steer $5 million in cash rewards of up to $100,000 to select startups.

The company didn’t waste much time. Today, Solomon is announcing that the money has been committed to 76 startups that were chosen for their geographic diversity as well as the diversity of their companies’ mission.

— Connie Loizos, TechCrunch

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