Courtroom5 Seeks to Represent the Underrepresented

Excerpt from PC Magazine:

Sonja Ebron gave two simple reasons why they chose Courtroom5 with civil litigation as their focus. First, many Americans can’t afford to have a lawyer. The national average cost of a lawyer in the United States is $225 an hour, while the average hourly wage of a US citizen is just below $30. Second, those who have to represent themselves in court because they can’t afford a lawyer often lose cases: The judicial process is tricky and complex, and the average person has no formal training in judicial proceedings.

This is where Courtroom5 steps in. Launched in 2017, the startup allows you to track progress throughout a case and provides you only the most relevant legal information, training, and tools needed to reach the next step. Users gain access to a library of document templates, searchable case law, analysis of claims and defenses—everything they need to navigate a system designed for lawyers. The service charges a fee, but it’s much less expensive than retaining a lawyer.

— Chance Townsend, PC Magazine

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Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a just outcome when one side has a lawyer and the other doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

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