YES! Magazine – Seeking Just Trials

Excerpt from Yes Magazine:

Sonja Ebron’s big idea came when she was sued and found she couldn’t afford an attorney on a middle-class income.

“I represented myself, I got crushed by the other side’s lawyers, and the whole thing left a sour taste,” Ebron says.

As a result, Ebron and her wife, Debra Slone, a librarian, created Courtroom5: a do-it-yourself clearinghouse of procedural and legal information for all 50 states, guiding clients through the minutiae of filings.

So far, about 70% of the company’s users have reached what Ebron considers a positive outcome: dismissal, negotiated settlement, victory, or simply “not getting crushed” at trial.

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

When the other side has a lawyer and you don’t, well… you know what it is. Level the playing field with Courtroom5. Know what matters. Make smart decisions. Talk to judges in the language they understand. Don’t go to court without Courtroom5.

— Chris Winters for Yes Magazine

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