Legal Tech Startup to Watch: Courtroom5

Excerpt from NextChapter:

The Courtroom5 story

Slone is a former library school professor with a Ph.D. and is experienced in qualitative analysis. Ebron is also a Ph.D. (in electrical engineering no less), an entrepreneur, and an expert in utilities and AI.

They created Courtroom5 after representing themselves in their own civil cases, and immediately recognized the value of being non-lawyers—they could focus more on winning their individual cases and less on upholding a law practice reputation. They decided to use their knowledge and experience to help others in similar situations.

How Courtroom5 helps

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a just outcome when one side has a lawyer and the other doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

Ebron and Slone now help people represent themselves in court through Courtroom5, whether they’re being sued or suing someone else. And the toolset works—7 out of 10 people who use Courtroom5 for their cases either settle or win.

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