Sonja Ebron of Courtroom5: How exercise and meditation can help manage stress in business

Excerpt from Thrive Global:

How do you manage stress from running a successful business?

Sonja Ebron: I’ve yet to tackle this challenge on my own. I’m surrounded by people willing and able to compel me to take vacations whenever the stress overwhelms me, but I need a more balanced solution. I manage stress best when I’m exercising and meditating daily before my workday begins. That’s less frequent than I’d like.

What is some bad advice you hear in your industry or with entrepreneurship that people should avoid?

Sonja Ebron: The worst advice I’ve heard in entrepreneurship is to develop multiple streams of income. If you have three income streams, two of them are draining energy from the one that works best. It’s better to determine which of the ideas is the best and devote 100% of your efforts to its success.

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The worst advice for legal tech startups is to refrain from bold innovation to avoid scrutiny from regulators. But innovators — whether meek or bold — are going to be scrutinized. Regulators don’t want to be comforted. I believe they want to be educated on ways to enable access to justice while protecting the public from unscrupulous operators. From where I sit, that leaves much room to innovate.

— Jeremy Straub, Upreneur for Thrive Global

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