AI might soon help people who represent themselves in court

AI Might Soon Help People Who Represent Themselves in Court

Excerpt from the Globe and Mail:

Specially trained generative AI technology could help litigants effectively sort through thousands of cases to find relevant precedents, draft court submissions using legal terminology and understand the next steps to take after filing legal documents. In some areas outside Canada, specially trained generative AI technology is already helping litigants.

North Carolina legal tech company Courtroom5, for example, uses simple AI to assess patterns in past cases and recommend next steps in a user’s own case, including filing documents, making a counterclaim or challenging the case entirely. The platform for self-represented litigants (SRLs) – or “pro se” litigants – is frequently used in cases of home foreclosure, medical debt and difficult divorce, co-founder Sonja Ebron said in an interview. The company is working on a generative AI chatbot based on anonymous case records held in its own database, with plans to release it this fall, she said.

— Irene Galea for the Globe and Mail

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