The Promise Of Briefs: Online legal aid resource in Durham gains steam

Excerpt from Triangle Business Journal (paywall):

Since Durham-based Courtroom5 went live in April 2017 more than 2,000 people have been served by the online legal aid resource, which provides educational information and technical documents that enable individuals to represent themselves in court.

Thus far, at least 70 percent of resolved cases have been won or settled.

“That’s a stunning reversal of what you might expect if you’re in court without a lawyer,” said Sonja Ebron, who, along with Debra Slone, co-founded Courtroom5 to fill a need among people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

— Connie Gentry for Triangle Business Journal

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a fair outcome when one side has a lawyer but the other side doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

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