Courtroom5 Named A 2021 SheEO U.S. Venture

Each year, five businesses led by women and non-binary entrepreneurs are chosen by the global community SheEO to receive funding, resources, coaching, and more. This group of “radically generous women” selected Courtroom5 as one of its 2021 SheEO U.S. Ventures. Courtroom5 will become part of the SheEO network and will have the opportunity to utilize a zero percent interest loan.

Courtroom5 helps people represent themselves effectively in civil court. The company began in 2017 as an educational site and now serves an ever-growing member list. It is focused on a targeted approach to solving the justice crisis in the United States and provides a platform for people to take back control of the legal process without paying high attorney fees.

Through case strategy, creation of professional court documents, and proficient handling of hearings and trials, members of Courtroom5 are empowered to be their own lawyers. With the SheEO funding, Courtroom5 will introduce new products and services that will help solve the access to justice problem.

COVID19 has impacted countless families in the United States and has forced many to handle civil cases on their own without representation. Led by women who have represented themselves in court numerous times, Courtroom5 has the collective knowledge to lessen the impact of legal crises brought on by disasters like COVID19 .

CEO Sonja Ebron stated, “This recognition and support from SheEO is a powerful affirmation of Courtroom5’s promise and potential. We intend to change the world by ensuring access to justice for everyone, and we are grateful for the #radicalgenerosity of the many women who are now joining us on this mission.”

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a fair outcome when one side has a lawyer but the other side doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

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