Sonja Ebron of Courtroom5: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

Excerpt from Authority Magazine:

Many startups are not successful, and some are very successful. From your experience or perspective, what are the main factors that distinguish successful startups from unsuccessful ones? What are your “Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup”?

— Paul Moss, CEO, Moss Corporation, for Authority Magazine

Sonja Ebron, CEO, Courtroom5:

  1. A belief that there’s no such thing as an intractable problem. Every problem has a solution.
  2. A curiosity to explore solutions to problems that interest you.
  3. Foresight and vision, the ability to see what the world looks like when your solution exists.
  4. Drive and energy to go create the solution you’ve envisioned, to make it a reality.
  5. The recognition, as the African proverb says, that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. The right team is always better than the perfect individual.

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