Stephanie Ebron’s Winning Case; Paul Campson, Campson Law

Stephanie Ebron, Sonja’s first cousin, described the home remodeling job that landed her in court. The contractor adjusted the estimate upwards by $20,000 halfway through the job, and when Stephanie wouldn’t pay, she damaged the home and sued Stephanie for breach of contract. The contractor was representing her own company in the case, but Stephanie discovered the contractor was required to hire a lawyer and got the case dismissed. The process left her feeling brave, feisty, and ready for a fight.

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Attorney Paul Campson practices personal injury law in New York. His small firm, Campson & Campson, represents people injured by e-cigarettes, lead paint, and mold in class actions. He shared tips for pro se litigants handling these matters to ensure their claims are not dismissed and that they have the evidence needed to win at trial, but he believes such cases require legal representation to have a fair chance of success. In the past, Attorney Campson has worked pro bono for victims of 9/11, and he now represents them in injury claims.

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Get a Fair Hearing in Court

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