Damian Wilson, TurnSignl; Dwayne Pennant, NC Courts

Damian Wilson at TurnSignl explained the mission of the traffic-stop app as ensuring the safest interaction for all involved. TurnSignl records interactions with police during traffic stops, as well as with first responders after car accidents, and ensures a local attorney is available to help users enforce their rights.

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Dwayne Pennant of the 26th Judicial District of North Carolina described the role of a magistrate judge and the types of cases he sees in Mecklenburg County, NC. He also discussed the importance of meaningful access to the concept of justice.

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kevin demers
July 11, 2023 3:53 pm

pro se king ….several rather large cases. I defended and won in a federal and state courts ….I havhad radio show live I heart media ..

I sure wish people would pro se there way through law more..

once u win its gratifying how against alludes you won..

I did several times

a. 2 x. 6 billin dollar German giants sued me for trademark infringement ..I went to china for my defense ..fed judge loved me for my approach..no attorney until the fed judge required one for disminnding w prejudice

b. dui in Nebraska.
after firing lawyer live in court ,,4 visit later judge dis issued my dui case..when I refused to blow etc..never lost my license ..

c, child support cases ..won when I fired my att who was also part time judge I. same courthouse

d. later sued x attt. breach of contract. in same court room she was part time judge

e. child support. finally won when prose..