Kitt’s Name Change Struggle; Mary Oram, Property Manager

Kitt never liked her given first name. So when she retired, she sought a court order to change it. There was a local court procedure and forms for changing one’s name, but that was the least of her worries. As it turned out, Kitt was required to run a notice in the local paper of record, then change a driver’s license and social security record. Still, it took months to get other agencies and corporations to recognize the change.

Mary Oram is a realtor, notary public, and property manager who is constantly fielding disputes between property owners and their tenants. Many routine tasks can go wrong from a legal perspective when dealing with property and tenants’ rights. There are areas where she can provide legal information — but not legal advice — to both tenants and property owners. Even providing legal information, if it’s incorrect or interpreted incorrectly, can land the company (and her, personally) in legal hot waters. Mary’s firm keeps a lawyer on retainer to ensure she stays on the right side of the law.

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