Joshua Schwadron, - Who Wrote That Up For You? Feb 17, 2023

Joshua Schwadron,

Joshua Schwadron, founder and CEO at, discussed his company’s innovative model for helping injured people pursue personal injury claims through an affiliated law firm, Mighty Law. Mighty helps its clients manage the financial aspects of their lives — car repairs, replacement wages, etc — while their claims are being handled by the law firm. And the contingency fees are limited so that clients keep more of their awards.   

Mighty has angered some members of the personal injury bar with its marketing, which often paints “billboard lawyers” as greedy predators taking advantage of people when they need help the most. Joshua shared some of the ways traditional personal injury lawyers can hurt vulnerable clients instead of helping them. He described the blowback Mighty has received from law firms, including lawsuits and bar complaints for unauthorized practice of law.

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