#WhoWroteThat Back Story; Brian Vukadinovich

“Where’d you get the name?” We hear that often at Courtroom5, so we start the podcast with the back story of its name. In this first episode, we explain that a judge’s question during oral argument — “Who Wrote That Up For You?” — sums up the experience of people without lawyers in U.S. courts. Get the full story on the Courtroom5 blog.

We speak with Brian Vukadinovich, a highly experienced pro se litigant and author of “Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case,” available at fine bookstores everywhere. As a young man, Brian fought a false arrest without a lawyer. But more recently, he beat a team of five lawyers at a jury trial in federal court to win his age discrimination lawsuit. He’s seen it all and is unafraid to call out evidence of corruption in our justice system.

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