Samuel Tate, Tango Technology

Samuel Tate worked as a court administrator for many years and witnessed the inefficiencies of court clerks and other staff answering the same questions from people with business in the courts. “What should I bring for jury duty?” and “Where do I park?” were among the daily questions that took time and resources away from other important duties and services, but people often used different words and phrases to ask these questions. Sam found a solution in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), a new technology that could be trained to perceive routine questions asked in different ways, something that could be delivered via chatbot.

Sam is a co-founder of Tango Legal, an app developer that helps courts and law firms serve their constituents and clients using conversational AI. They also provide a wider set of applications to the private sector at Tango Technology. Sam is on a mission to keep people from having to answer the same question twice.

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