Otto Hanson, TermScout; Sonja & Debra Case Blunders

#WhoWroteThat co-hosts Sonja and Debra shared some of their early blunders in court. After a failed eviction attempt revealed routine perjury in a property management company’s landlord-tenant cases, Sonja and Debra tried playing heroes in court to stop this evil behavior. But they bungled the procedures and saw the case tossed at the very beginning. For those without legal training, competence in court comes from hard losses.

Otto Hanson of TermScout discussed the common business practice of providing terms and conditions of service that deprive consumers of their rights. Most consumers never read these terms and rarely understand they’ve waived their rights until something goes wrong. TermScout offers an automated contract review service that small businesses and consumers can use to highlight troublesome clauses in web-based contracts that most of us click-accept every day.

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Get a Fair Hearing in Court

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