Emily LaGratta, LaGratta Consulting; David Emanuel, I FIND U

Emily LaGratta at LaGratta Consulting is a lawyer, former public defender, and justice reform innovator. She helps judges and other court professionals reform their operations to benefit court users, primarily pro se litigants. Emily explained “procedural fairness” and its relationship to actual fairness. She also explained the other components of actual fairness in courts and some of the work she’s doing to improve it.

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David Emanuel is a private investigator and owner of I FIND U Investigations in South Florida. David shared the career trajectory that led him to focus on asset location and recovery and other private investigation work. He sometimes serves as an expert witness but more often sees his clients settle cases with the results of the evidence he finds. David does tons of pro bono work for pro se litigants and friends.

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Get a Fair Hearing in Court

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