Aliza Shatzman, Legal Accountability Project

Aliza Shatzman is co-founder and president of the Legal Accountability Project, an effort to hold judges accountable for their behavior toward the young lawyers who clerk for them. Aliza’s legal career was derailed by a judge she’d served as a law clerk. As it turns out, this judge had a history of abusing his law clerks, and Aliza’s law school knew his reputation and withheld that information from her. Aliza is working to create a database of judicial harassment that other law students can use to guide their clerkship choices.

When a judge abuses his power with a law clerk, you can just imagine how he treats the lawyerless litigants who must appear before him. The judge who abused Aliza is no longer on the bench because his reputation caught up with him. This doesn’t happen often or quickly enough. The Legal Accountability Project could help root these judges out.

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