Tell Me About Your Case

Why should you tell me about your case? Because self-represented litigation is a lonely business. Because the isolation we experience slowly drains our energy and saps our will. It can make us want to give up the fight and settle the case before we’ve given it our best.

But why are we isolated? Because we don’t want our neighbors and coworkers to know we’re in court, even when we’re on the plaintiff’s side. Because even when friends are sympathetic, they can’t understand the struggle unless they’ve represented themselves before. That’s why a community for self-represented litigants must be part of true access to justice.

We need to share our stories with each other as they unfold. If you’re a Courtroom5 member, you can check that off your list. We have a place to check in, to get advice from our peers, or just to vent. But if you’re not a member, where do you go to share? I say let’s do it here, in public. Let’s make this a place for all of us. You can share anything you want, but here’s what I suggest:

  1. Your city and state (add your first name and last initial if you like).
  2. The type of case (debt collection, eviction, divorce, etc).
  3. Whether you’re plaintiff or defendant.
  4. The stage of your case (complaint, answer, discovery, trial or appeal).
  5. What’s going on? Has the process been fair? What have you learned? Will you win? Tell me about your case.

You won’t believe the burden that is lifted when you share the story of your case. I’ll bet it looks a lot better in writing than it does rolling around in your head. You’ll also find yourself energized and invigorated — more ready for the fight — just by writing it down. Although I want you to share it, you’ll get most of the benefits even if you don’t hit ‘Send’. Just write it down. See it for yourself. Feel the power of community right there in your words on the screen.

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

No one expects a just outcome when one side has a lawyer and the other doesn’t. Level the playing field with Courtroom5.

If you’ve read this far, take another 90 seconds to tell me about your case in the comments below. Or if you get this by email, feel free to hit ‘Reply’ and tell me privately. I may share what you’ve written in another post, but I won’t share your name or email address. Either way, thanks for being part of our community.

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