On the Critical Importance of Black Lawyers

This article was written by Kisha A. Brown, a civil rights lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur who believes that securing culturally competent legal counsel is critical to increasing access to justice.

As a Black female lawyer, I think about the limited access to justice Black people experience in the American legal system, and how we are acutely underserved and most susceptible to systemic manipulation.

Although most people tend to be intimidated by the legal system, Black people are even more hesitant to proactively engage the courts. On top of everything, the current lawyer search process can be overwhelming at best and inconclusive at worst.

Now more than ever, the role of Black lawyers is critical to the advancement of defending Black lives when others fail to hear the call to duty. This pervasive gap between those seeking legal counsel and Black lawyers leaves Black communities vulnerable and perpetually underserved in the law.

Introducing Justis Connection

Get a Fair Hearing in Court

When the other side has a lawyer and you don’t, well… you know what it is. Level the playing field with Courtroom5. Know what matters. Make smart decisions. Talk to judges in the language they understand. Don’t go to court without Courtroom5.

Knowing this reality, too often I was asked for legal referrals and didn’t have a ready answer. So, I decided to start building Justis Connection, the largest inventory of Black lawyers in the country, starting in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

At Justis Connection, we’re changing how people look at the courthouse and engage the legal system. We’re a compelling force for good in the world, as we build a network of real-life legal eagles and authentic voices.

How We Help

Where most online legal referral services operate in quantity, delivering hundreds of responses to a simple legal query, we’re building our own Justis League. We know our new “world normal” will require technology to play an even more crucial role in keeping us better informed. That’s why we’re proud to utilize that technology to enhance the client experience with personalized lawyer matching and legal information, as well as implementing advanced machine learning and natural language processing to empower the lawyers in our network.

Find a Black Lawyer with Justis Connection

When former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall came out of law school, the Black community knew they had an advocate and he knew he had clients that would come from his own community.

The Black lawyer has traditionally been the bridge to justice for members of the Black community. Our new world needs Black lawyers more than ever.

Some situations are best handled by people who have studied the law, garnered the wisdom that comes from years of experience, and have the cultural competency to represent their clients’ best interests. When those situations arise, a Black lawyer is just a click away.

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