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I signed up yesterday, and already got answers and insight that I seriously needed NOW. I would have happily paid someone 10 times what Courtroom5 is per month for the answers to the topic I posted. I couldn’t recommend Courtroom5 more highly.


I became a Pro Se litigant after dealing with an attorney who charged me over $25k for a case involving a house. Unfortunately, I got virtually nowhere with the case, and ultimately had to file bankruptcy. I am so glad I became a member…it’s been extremely helpful. I would have been lost without the information and knowledge I’ve gained here. I am grateful!!!


After receiving my motion for summary judgment of which I received zero assistance from an attorney but helpful guidance from this site,  defense has accused me of receiving counsel’s assistance and pleads in their answer that I should not get any pro se leniency.  That is the power of Courtroom5.


WOW , I Wish I signed up for CTRM5 earlier in my case, but I signed up just in time for the discovery process, which to me and all my legal troubles is a huge relief.


I was caught ‘flat-footed’ when a lawyer who runs a ‘lawsuit machine’ sued me. Now I am forced to play defense. I spoke to four lawyers who all conveyed confidence that they could win my case – but, they all wanted a minimum of $5,000 to represent me. Now that I have discovered COURTROOM5 I feel that I have the tools and information to navigate the complex legal process. COURTROOM5 offers a vitally important resource for PRO SE litigants to pursue or defend their cases.


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You’ll file lots of legal documents between the complaint and the trial. Our advanced legal tools and personal support help you work like a lawyer at every step so you get a fair hearing in court.


Learn the legal elements of your case so you know what matters and what the judge needs to hear.

Smart Moves
Smart Moves

Know your options and get relevant know-how at each step to make intelligent moves in your case.


Impress the court with persuasive documents and styling that looks like a lawyer prepared them.

For guidance on ‘do it yourself’ litigation, see 
Judge Richard A. Posner (retired), 7th Circuit Court of Appeals


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