Motion for Continuance

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  • WHAT IS A MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE? A motion for continuance is a request made to the court for a postponement of a hearing or trial date.
  • WHY WOULD I NEED A MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE? You would need a motion for continuance if you require additional time to prepare your case, if you or a key witness is unable to attend the hearing or trial on the scheduled date, or if there are other unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from proceeding on the scheduled date.
  • WHEN WOULD I NEED A MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE? You would need a motion for continuance when the scheduled hearing or trial date is inconvenient or impractical for you or your witnesses.
  • HOW WOULD I USE A MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE? You would use a motion for continuance to ask the court to postpone the hearing or trial date. The motion should include the reason why you need the continuance, the length of the continuance requested, and any other relevant information.
  • WHAT’S THE PROCESS? We’ll guide you through the process of completing a motion for continuance that outlines your request. In the end, you will download a properly formatted motion for continuance to file in court.

Journey Route
On your way to the perfect motion for continuance, you will pass the following milestones:
  1. Awareness – Understand the requirements, components, and factors for success of a motion for continuance.
  2. Assembly – Use the information you’ve collected to craft your motion for continuance.

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