Generic Motion

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  • WHAT IS A MOTION? A motion is a formal request made to the court for a specific action to be taken, such as a request for a ruling on a legal issue, a request for a continuance, or a request for a judgment. Only use the Generic Motion when no other Journey meets your needs.
  • WHY WOULD I NEED A MOTION? You would need a motion when you want to make a specific request of the court, such as asking for a ruling on a legal issue, requesting additional time to prepare your case, or asking for a judgment in your favor.
  • WHEN WOULD I NEED A MOTION? You would need a motion at various stages of a legal proceeding, such as before trial, during trial, or after trial.
  • HOW WOULD I USE A MOTION? You would use a motion to formally request the court to take a specific action. The motion should include the reason for the request, any supporting evidence or legal arguments, and the specific relief sought.
  • WHAT’S THE PROCESS? We’ll guide you through the process of completing a motion that outlines your request. In the end, you will download a properly formatted motion to file in court.

Journey Route
On your way to the perfect motion, you will pass the following milestones:
  1. Awareness – Understand the requirements, components, and factors for success of a motion.
  2. Analysis – Analyze the claims in your case to determine the relevant facts and legal position for your motion.
  3. Authority – Understand the law and find legal support for your motion.
  4. Assembly – Use the information you’ve collected to craft the arguments in your motion.

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