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  • WHAT IS AN AFFIDAVIT? An affidavit is a written statement made under oath that is used as evidence in a legal proceeding.
  • WHY WOULD I NEED AN AFFIDAVIT? You would need an affidavit to provide evidence to the court or to another party in a legal proceeding. Affidavits are often used to support or oppose a motion, to provide evidence in a trial, or to provide evidence in a variety of other legal contexts.
  • WHEN WOULD I NEED AN AFFIDAVIT? You would need an affidavit whenever you have information that is relevant to a legal proceeding and you wish to provide that information as evidence. Affidavits can be used at various stages of a legal proceeding.
  • HOW WOULD I USE AN AFFIDAVIT? You would use an affidavit to provide a written statement under oath that sets out the facts that you want to present as evidence. The affidavit should include your personal information, a statement of the facts, and a statement that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • WHAT’S THE PROCESS? We’ll guide you through the process of completing an affidavit that sets out the facts you want to present as evidence. In the end, you will download a properly formatted affidavit to file in court or provide to another party.

Journey Route
On your way to the perfect affidavit, you will pass the following milestones:
  1. Awareness – Understand the requirements, components, and factors for success of an affidavit.
  2. Analysis – Analyze the claims and defenses in your case to determine the facts your affidavit will help prove or disprove.
  3. Assembly – Use the information you’ve collected to craft the statements in your affidavit.

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