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Respond to a Motion the Right Way

Respond To A Motion The Right Way

Motions help parties in a lawsuit communicate and move the case along. Explore practical strategies to use when responding to a motion.

Responding To A Motion To Dismiss

When you file a civil complaint, the defendant may move to dismiss your case. Learn the grounds for responding to a motion to dismiss.

All About Family Court Motions

Family court motions may be filed while a case is pending or after final judgment. Several types of motions can provide further relief.

What Is The Purpose Of A Motion?

You have two ways to communicate with the judge: by speaking during a hearing or trial, or by filing a motion to request an order.

Test Your Readiness For Court

In litigation, not all knowledge carries equal weight. What important legal concepts are you missing? Take this readiness test to find out.

You Too Can Write An Appellate Brief

To succeed in writing an initial appellate brief, you must persuade the Court that the case should be reversed. Here’s information to help you persuade.