Happy Birthday To Ms. Nofoot Allfoot Infinity Serpentfoot

Carolyn Marjorie Ann Clay was born 82 years ago today. She’s earned the right to be called whatever she wants. She changed her name to Serpentfoot some time ago, in honor of her solo religion. Early this year, she sought another name change from the good people of Floyd County, Georgia, but a judge denied her request. He said the name she wanted was too long and would only confuse people. The name wouldn’t fit on court forms in the event of a lawsuit against her, or some such nonsense.

Here’s the name she wants:

Nofoot Allfoot-69-mouth-tail-solids-liquids-gases-animals-vegetable-mineral-all-predators-and-prey-that-consume-and-move-with-feet-fins-wings-wheels-canes-roots-limbs-vines-landslides-dust-wind-water-fire-ice-gravity-vacuums-black-holes-going-over-under-around-and-through-Our-Greater-Self-our-habitat-the-cosmos-of-which-we-are-but-part-and-where-all-life-feeds-upon-other-life-from-the-smallest-atoms-or-bacteria-to-the-great-black-holes-and-dog-eat-dog-and-“Last-Suppers”-where-we-are-what-we-eat-or-consume-and-each-lives-on-in-the-otherÌ_Ì__Ì___ Serpentfoot

Yeah, it’s kind of long, and you might think the judge has a point. After all, Ms. Serpentfoot is not a stranger to the Floyd County Courthouse. She has sued and been sued a number of times and is very comfortable representing herself. The judge probably thought he was protecting the environment by saving paper in the next lawsuit to which she’s a party. But there’s nothing in Georgia law that prevents a name change on account of a plaintiff’s inconvenience.

Sure there are limitations. You can’t use a racial slur or other offensive words, for instance. And you can’t take a famous person’s name if the intent is to mislead. But otherwise the world is your oyster. And so Ms. Serpentfoot is appealing the judge’s decision and will fight for her name. This is the kind of pro se litigant we love, and the kind we want to support. Everyone should be ready to defend their rights in court, especially when it’s the government infringing those rights.

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As you might expect, Serpentfoot has lived an eccentric life. She walks with a cane due to hip damage, lives in a big trailer on 60 acres of land, eats mostly nuts and berries, and loves animals and nature. She once stripped naked at a county commission meeting in protest. She was born and raised in the area, and there are few in Rome, Georgia who don’t know her. And she knows a good bit about the law, enough to take care of herself. Serpentfoot has earned her name change, and she should have it.

Please join us in wishing Ms. Serpentfoot a Happy Birthday! with many happy returns, and best wishes on her name change.

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